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 Congratulations to the Dance Gurls learning steady and well at our U.U. Queensbury  location now  entering our SECOND YEAR!! You have truly ignited my artistic spirit as I hope  I have done for you!  
 During this day of our first real snow of winter, I ease into the quiet of calm that comes from  the  shortening of days. i sit at the kitchen table and complete a coin bra and start on the  matching belt.
 I run through the list of profound gratitude for all the many Blessings and Miracles and I  ponder what  new things, new projects, can I manifest with the coming of Light? 

 Our Queensbury Class continues and because people have never given up and kept asking  for Belly  Dance Intensives, I am excited to say we have found a location for the return of  Belly Dance  Intensives. Studio Chrome in South Glens Falls, NY will be the location for our  Belly Dance Floor  Work and Veil Intensive, January 28, 2018.  (for more info CLICK HERE.)

 There are many other things I'm working on as life is glorious, wondrous, and profound.  Dance  continues to keep my Soul Fire Burning and you are all a part of this Light.

                                                          With blessings and light, Peace, 


Dance Level definitions:

 Beginner Level is for one who has had little to no dance experience. If you have not taken
 classes with me, I suggest that you take beginner level classes so I can see where you
 are at and you can get to know me. 
 Intermediate Level is for students that have taken classes with me (weekly) for about 3
 months.  At this level I need to see clear execution and concept of hip drops, lateral hips, 
 hip lifts, top down undulations, some zil playing while moving, poly rhythmic hips to feet to hands, reverse  undulations,  intro. veils.
 Advanced Level is all of the previous but with far deeper and deliberate muscle and fascia   control, maturity as a dancer and person.  Props: swords, veil, zils, cane, tambourine,       
 candles... Troupe harmony that's tha clincha ; ) 

 If you love what you do 
then practice is pleasure and your work is a blessing.  
This doesn't mean it's easy.

 Lilya assists you in making your dance costume, as well as, creating your dance/dance
 routine.  If this interests you, come to one of her classes, connect, and lets get started.
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Muriel Evelyn Juliette Rancourt
January 27, 1930 - October 22, 1997