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    SERPENTESSA                   Don't miss your chance          to dance with live, friendly 

and we're STILL dancing!!!

      With profound pleasure I say that we Zoomed through 2020 into 2021 and on Tuesdays, September 21, and September 28th, we return to the U.U. Church, 2 Weeks Road, Queensbury, NY 6:30 - 8 pm EST in person AND Zoom!!!   To make sure that we get a full 4 dance classes per month, and to accommodate various schedules, in October we will go full tilt with Zoom classes the 1st and 2nd WEDNESDAY of the month, followed by the U.U. Church 3rd and 4thTuesdays, hybrid classes.  Dance class monthly fees remain $50. for four classes.  PLEASE RSVP via email so I can provide you with the PayPal info and / or address to send your payment.  The U.U. Church does require rent payments as does Zoom, thus : )   please RSVP with me directly:   [email protected]     

I am selling three Pharaonic cabaret costumes!!!!  Email or call to set up a viewing of these three amazing costumes! Buy them now in time for the holiday season!
For my Creative dance gals click HERE for writing workshops.

                    Let's do this, GAL PALS!!!!                                               ~~~Lilya

Dance Level definitions:

 Beginner Level is for one who has had little to no dance experience. If you have not taken
 classes with me, I suggest that you take beginner level classes so I can see where you
 are at and you can get to know me. 
 Intermediate Level is for students that have taken classes with me (weekly) for about 3
 months.  At this level I need to see clear execution and concept of hip drops, lateral hips, 
 hip lifts, top down undulations, some zil playing while moving, poly rhythmic hips to feet to hands, reverse  undulations,  intro. veils.
 Advanced Level is all of the previous but with far deeper and deliberate muscle and fascia   control, maturity as a dancer and person.  Props: swords, veil, zils, cane, tambourine,       
 candles... Troupe harmony that's tha clincha ; ) 

 If you love what you do 
then practice is pleasure and your work is a blessing.  
This doesn't mean it's easy.

 Lilya assists you in making your dance costume, as well as, creating your dance/dance
 routine.  If this interests you, come to one of her classes, connect, and lets get started.
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January 27, 1930 - October 22, 1997