"I have taken belly dance from several different instructors and have stayed with Lilya because I feel she has the best methods of teaching.  She is knowledgeable about the body and conducts a warm-up that loosens the spine and prevents injuries.  She covers many facets of dance, introducing folkloric, Afro-Caribbean, and other styles.  Veils and zils are also taught.  I take class primarily because its fun.  I don't feel pressured to be perfect but at the same time Suzanne helps me improve my technique."  Cathi 

"I will so much miss our class and your nice crew of girls! My legs are stronger since I've been coming to class.  Breaking down movements under your teaching has made it easier for me to comprehend the movement. Stomach rolls are also easier for me now.  Recovering from open heart surgery and the loss of strength from fibromyalgia, I feel comfortable with my disabilities. I'm happy to have been in your class."  Shawna -- visiting from Florida

"When Lilya started the music for warm up at my very first class, I thought, Oh my gosh, isn't this wonderful!  It gave me goose bumps!  I still think that now as soon as the warm up music begins I feel that I am in the right place, it's exactly where I am supposed to be.  It is very comforting!  Being a student of Belly Dance makes me feel as though I’ve got a little secret most people don't know about, and that makes me smile to myself!" Nora 

What Students Are Saying About Lilya...
Belly Dance is for Every Woman!
The highly refined isolations of this dance form tone the "core" much like Pilates except belly dance is a couple of thousand years older!  And, it looks nicer on the dance floor! This is not a dance form where we try to get rid of body parts but reclaim, rediscover, and revel in the body we have been given.   Lilya
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